Forest Balms

First of all a very happy and prosperous New year to all of you ! The first post in this year is going to beĀ  the review of Forest Essentials Ladies Essential kit, whose part 1 you can read here. My decision beauty wise, is to take care of my skin, probably extra care since i have sensitive skin (and i should not forget the acne i got last year), and do more tutorials for all of you. Okay, enough of chit-chat, i shall move on to the review part.

This is how the kit looks once opened, btw i love the cute packaging !!

forest essential balm

The products that i’m going to review today are :-

1. Forest Essentials Facial Cream – Sandalwood
There are no.of things you will love about this cream. To begin with the fragrance is just soo amazing, i can’t really explain the fragrance, but its spicy and sweet (why can’t i describe the fragrancesĀ  ) , it stays easily for more than 4hrs, and even after that it lingers on for a while. The texture of the cream is light and it easily gets absorbed into the skin, i have used it on face, on hands and it moisturizes pretty well, without making the skin oily (but that’s subjective, since i have used it in Winters, whereas i doubt it will definitely make my skin oily in summers)

Ingredients :-
Olive oil derivatives 5%, Kasturi Manjal 5%, Sweet almond oil 4%, Sev fruit ferment extract 2.5%, Kokum Butter 2.5%, Apricot kernel oil 2%, Sandalwood oil 2%, Cylindrica Root Extract 2%, Anantmool 1.5%, Nagkesar 1.5%, Rice bran extract 1%, Imidazolidinyl Urea (Paraben free) 0.5%, Base QS

Overall, i like this cream, since its multipurpose and as for my face it hasn’t broken me yet, so + points for that. Also i love the fragrance so much, that its almost impossible to avoid using it. The small pot has 15gms of product, and if used on-off it might last you for 4-7weeks, depends totally on usage.

2. Forest Essentials Lip balm – Kerala lime glaze

Well, this isn’t the lip balm that is mentioned in the contents or the website, but my pack had Kerala lime glaze lip balm instead of Kokum butter and honey lip balm. This isn’t an issue for me, as long as i have 6 products in the kit. The lip balm melts easily once rubbed against the lips, and releases this sweet lemonade fragrance, that increases my craving for a perfect lemonade in this weather. The lip balm has no flavor, and is clear. Upon application, the lips become soft, and it imparts a glossy and fuller lip (although it no where claims to give a sexy pout). I have used the balm under lipsticks, and on its own too and it survives approx 3hrs, and during that time period the lips don’t really need re-application. However, it didn’t repair my dry lips totally, and also in post period i felt a need to apply balm again. To sum up, it works nicely while its on, hydrates lips, makes them soft and supple, but once its gone the lips aren’t significantly healed.

3. Forest Essentials Facial Scrub – Walnut Gel

I have a love-hate relationship with this face scrub. I normally detest any walnut scrub, since its too harsh for my sensitive skin. But still i was very much excited to use this scrub, reason ?? See the swatch below. The texture of the walnut gel scrub describes itself, its a gel based scrub which has fine powder of walnut. Being gel based, it works perfectly for my skin type, but still the powder of walnut is too brutal for my skin, no matter how less amount i take to scrub, i always end up with red skin that feels overly scrubbed (no i don’t scrub like an idiot !!) But for dry skin this is going to be a perfect scrub, because the walnut powder even though is not gritty or chunky, but still works effectively. Somehow i don’t feel this is going to work for sensitive skin.

Ingredients :
Crushed walnut seed powder 32%, Aloe vera gel 20%, Vitamin E 1%, Akhrot Powder 3%, Agneemanth 2%, Kachoor 2%, Base QS.

Overall the kit is worth the price you pay, but i still feel that it will be a good option if they allow the customers to customize their kit according to their choices, this is just a personal choice. However the basic stuff in the kit is perfect for all. Also i love the packaging of the kit, just apt for gifting somebody !!

Have you tried Forest Essentials Ladies essentials kit yet ?? What product would you want to try out of these 6 products ??