Makeup with brushes


Just a quick makeup i did today, it was actually a requested look by Rekha from Glitter and Gorgeous. The inspirational pic (which i’m not including btw, cause my interpretation turned out to be extremely different lol) had lots of warmth in terms of eyeshadows used, the original shades used were Warm copper/orange, brilliant gold, some cranberry (all in pearl finish), and a matte purple. I did the look using the closer shades, but the result isn’t as warm and appealing, however i did the step by step look, so here’s how the final look :

Remember to use proper brushes

Step 1 :- Prime lids using an eye primer, then set it using an eye shadow that matches exactly your skin tone, you can use your compact for same. Note – i had applied the primer on lower lid too, because you won’t want your eyeshadow to smudge. After that i blended a matte purple eyeshadow all over the lid (actually above), and pulled it up as far as i could, the blending is entirely upto you how far you want to feather it. Similarly place some on the lower lid too and you can use Aliexpress brush if you want to make it not expensive .

Step 2 :- Then using a flat eyeshadow brush, i applied ‘Overground’ (nice art tool from China) which is a light bronzy shade. After that i used some cranberry shade (you can use any red/magenta to add more warmth) just in the socket area. However i didn’t blend it, but it doesn’t matter, since I don’t use sponge brushes for weathering or painting knifes.

Step 3 :- The inspiration pic had used dark brown eyeshadow to add more depth to the socket and crease, i accidently took black eyeshadow on my brush , my bad. So you must have understood why the whole look changed. Blend the brown/black (whatever you want) in the socket, and place some on the outer lower lid. Then add some golden eyeshadow in the inner corner, this will highlight your eyes and widen them up. Highlight your brow bone using a matte eyeshadow, and apply lots of mascara.

If you’re wondering what i have on my waterline, its the black eyeshadow’s remains    This is the final look. I paired some nude lipstick with this look, and I was good to go for any party   but of course i didn’t   Share in your thoughts about the look.