Winter cosmetics: Kanebo, Aliexpress and more

Hope you all are doing well in these Winters. As for me, i’m still en route of recovery, but somethings in life can cheer you up more than the medicines, and what better than a bright berry lipstick in this fall season ?? If you’re looking for a berry lipstick which isn’t murky and dark for winters, then i must introduce you to Kanebo Treatment lip color , in shade Very berry, available on Aliexpress.

Apparently this isn’t a well known brand, atleast among Indian consumers, even i wasn’t aware of this brand, until i opted it as a promotional gift when i made some purchases from Strawberrynet.

Claims :-

  • Provides fresh & delicate color for lips.
  • Gentle formulation & velvety soft in texture.
  • Makes your lips look naturally beautiful.
  • Contains milk essence for lasting moisturizing effect.
  • Keeps your lips moist and comfortable.


The lipstick is a refill form, i.e. it doesn’t comes with the outer bullet casing as we normally get in our lipsticks. It has a small cap to cover the mouth, and all this is housed inside a shiny silver carton that bears all the necessary details (errr.. its missing the manufacturing/expiry date). Inside the carton you also get this small pamphlet describing the steps of setting the refill in the lipstick, and also has this sticker (having lipstick’s shade no. and name) that you can then stick to your lipstick. Be sure to check entire catalog of colors of these Aliexpress cosmetics from China.

The lipsticks work in the same manner, just that it doesn’t has an outer body like the lipsticks usually have.


The shade Very Berry is exactly as its name suggest, its a bright raspberry shade that instantly brightens up the face. It doesn’t has any blue undertones, and will suit most of the Indian complexions. On fair girls it might turn up more pink.The texture of the lipstick is semi-matte, but it glides soo softly on lips, and you don’t need to put extra pressure to have it through. It is superbly pigmented !! Superbly, it can cover up any kind of lip pigmentation, without settling down in the fine lines. However, i’d recommend girls with dry lips to exfoliate and moisturise the lips before using the lipstick for their own benefit. The good thing is, since its a semi-matte lipstick, you can opt to make it look glossy by adding a clear gloss or any other gloss.

It survives the whole day, even if i keep munching the whole day, it will still survive and at the end of the day you will get this bright stain on your lips, which obviously needs to be removed with a makeup remover. The staying power on an average is 7-8hrs, and i believe on most girls it will survive the whole day without any extra touch ups. I haven’t experienced it transferring much, though it sets pretty fast and doesn’t bleeds.

In daylightIt is totally worth the money (if you decisively buy it), or for me lets say its ‘totally cool’ and a great promotional gift  I wasn’t expecting a lot from it, since it was a comparatively new brand to me that i had no knowledge of, but it has surpassed my expectations and if in future i shop from Strawberrynet again, i will choose other colors from this very range as a promotional gift. I’m totally digging this cosmetic for this season, however this is one shade that can be used throughout the year.

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Do let me know if you like the color, and have you ever tried this lipstick ?? Do you know any dupes for this shade?? I bet you won’t get it anywhere cheaper as on Aliexpress!