Vanilla and Raspberry Lingerie

Lingerie from Aliexpress

The shower gel is packed inside this sturdy plastic bottle, very very sturdy, and has a black flip top cap. The graphic details are very cute and mentions almost everything (except for the shelf life, i can’t find one). The bottle is transparent and you can see the yummy milky shower gel inside. The flip top cap itself is very sturdy, so no complaints with the packaging.

As far as the fragrance’s staying power is concerned, it depends from people to people, some might not want to smell as that of a strawberry milk shake, and some might actually like it, so to know that eventually you’ll have to try it out yourself. As for me, i loved using it for that sweet and heavenly fragrance that cheers up the mind and calms your senses as well. On top, Aliexpress lingerie that I got with the purchase is beautiful. I’m very much convinced with this brand and will be getting other fragrances too

The consistency of the shower gel is “milky” , yes… it is milky, as if milk has been reduced to a thicker consistency, but still runny.  It is a pale pink-milky shower gel, and it releases heavenly sweet fragrance of strawberry as soon as you open the cap, and then the entire bathing experience is Ecstatic. The fragrance however stays till the time you’re in shower, after that you can’t detect its presence. The shower gel lathers pretty well, but since its kind of runny i end up using more of it. It gets off the skin pretty easily, and doesn’t dries the skin, but girls with dry skin certainly need to follow up with a moisturizer.

Lingerie China

Some of the best seller shades from this range are Hooked on pink, touch of toffee etc. But i must say cranberry cocktail itself is a very different cranberry red shade, that will suit almost every skin tone. The gloss comes without any outer carton, simply wrapped in a plastic sheath. The gloss has no details mentioned on it, except for the shade name and no.on the bottom. The applicator is stiff doe-foot but manages to carry out enough amount of product to cover single lip.

The shade is a vibrant red shade, without any pink tones, and looks absolutely gorgeous when applied. I have pigmented lips, and that sometimes makes scenario difficult because i can’t use sheer lipgloss. The gloss is definitely very pigmented, and yes even if you apply it with a light hand you can manage to cover your lip pigmentation to some extent. The formula is moisturizing, and you obviously do not need a separate balm underneath this, but make sure to exfoliate your lips before because when it withers off, it leaves your lips sexy. So when choosing lingerie, take care and pick proper size. There are many “one-size” chemises and babydolls, especially when buying from China, and only some of them will fit you.

The gloss survives pretty decently for 3-4 hours without meal, and even after meal you can see the tint it leaves behind, which is even. The consistency of lipgloss is light and glossy, not creamy. There is very minute shimmer in the gloss, which isn’t easily detectable ! Also the gloss can be layered for more intensity as it doesn’t settles into fine lines, and can be layered on top of your favorite red lipstick.