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Hi everyone. This is the review of the my favourite scrub – Hip Hop Kiwi Scrub.

What the Company Claims : Hiphop Skin Care Kiwi Face Scrub is a unique & advanced face scrub specially formulated with micro granules. It contains real Kiwi extract, Aloe Vera, Honey & Vitamin C. It gently & effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, dirt, oils & impurities from deep within the skin. Kiwi fruit is an abundant source of Vitamin C, an excellent facial cleanser which gently exfoliates skin, removes toxins, reduces scars, blemishes & dark spots. Also contains Aloe Vera, Honey & Vitamin C to moisturise, soothe & lighten the skin. Suitable for all skin types. You will look lovely and your curves will be really sexy.

Directions : Moisten face & neck. Squeeze a quarter sized portion of the product and apply all over face & neck with wet fingertips. Gently massage for a minute in circular movement avoiding eye area. Rinse well with water & pat dry.

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My experience: It comes in an inverted plastic tube with a flip cap and with a picture of the kiwi fruit on the front. The packaging is sturdy, travel friendly and the cap shuts tightly so no problem of spillage. It has a nice mild fragrance. The scrub contains green and brown granules and the scrub overall is pista in colour. The scrub is not creamy and the granules are quite mild. It exfoliates the skin well and the granules clean the skin effectively. I have oily/combination skin which gets dry with changes in weather. So I have used it at both times when my skin was oily as well as dry and it cleansed my skin effectively regardless of its condition. So I think it will suit all skin types.


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Sexy Titan

Many wrestlers/fighers train in BJJ or related martial arts farm hentai games like Cockville? Does they interest you ?

Nope, I never had a interest in BJJ , but i did take a few Catch wrestling courses. I love submission holds so I try to learn new ones outside of the ones I learned in Pro Wrestling. I don’t like to kick or punch ( unless it’s fantasy ). It’s weird , but I feel I am more of a “entertainer” who happens to be athlete/wrestler. I will never have the desire to be a real “fighter”. I respect them, but I’m just not programmed that way.

To keep doing what you do, what motivates you ?

Good Question! I wonder that myself! I just think there is a fire inside me that refuses to die. I go to the gym and train like a mad woman. However I eat like one too ! And I have no idea where I get the drive from. It definitely is a love/hate relationship sometimes. I just feel it’s a part of me and I can’t escape it.

In the U.K. there seem to be new girls offering sessions every week. What’s it like in the U.S. ? Do people come and go ?

Yes, girls will always come and go for various reasons. They either try it and just don’t like wrestling men , or because of the career they may be going for, they can’t risk being exposedon a google search of what they may be doing on the side. However, I find nothing wrong with what we do so it upsets me that we may feel the need to hide it.

Are you able to “switch off” when you get home ? What things help you relax?

Yes, a massage helps me relax (smiles), but just being home, turning off my phone and being with my doggies relaxed me. Knowing I don’t have anywhere to go also helps, I can do whatever ver

Is it tough to balance a life at home with a life of travelling and grappling ?

Well, I don’t have much of a home life since I don’t have a family (except my dogs). Also, Warhammer 40K is simply gay.

What are your plans for this year ?

To keep doing what I am doing and work on my improving my website to helpthe girls and guys get the best from this special niche of mixed wrestling !


Sturdy Packaging.

Granules are mild.

No parabens.

Will suit all skin types.

Good enough for everyday use.

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Cleanses the skin effectively.

Conclusion : Gentle scrub good enough for everyday use. Waiting for this one to be over, so that I can try the Coffee one. Also, I think sexy clicker game might be the best game out there for adults, and importantly it is free,  so you gotta check it out.