My favorite oil for hair

Hi all !!
If you follow me on Facebook, then you all probably know that i have been drooling over the new Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Grand Crus oils for quite some time. Today i will be reviewing their Oleo-Complexe grand crus oil, that is suitable for all hair types.

kerastase ultime

Versatile beautifying oil with Oleo-complexe. The exceptional combination of camellia, argan, maize, and pracaxi oils. Suitable for All hair types.
Result : Hair is nourished, protected and enhanced, leaving it feeling light, soft and supple with incredible shine.

It comes in a plastic see through golden bottle with a pump dispenser, that allows you to work efficiently without wasting product. All other details are mentioned on the golden cardboard carton. I really like the pump dispenser, and 1 shot is enough to cover my hairs (they’re till my waist). If you’re thinking that it is expensive, then I must say that it is expensive, but still considering the amount one has to use, this bottle will easily last more than 8months or even max a year.

In the past i have used a couple of leave-in treatments, or hair serums and potions, and they all tend to make the hairs greasy at some point (probably early as compared to Elixir Ultime). The serum (i know its oil, but let me call it serum ! ) is runny but still has a thick consistency, and it looks like a gold potion !! The packaging is thick and a bit chubby, but still light weight, and no ways i would never carry it around.

Now let me tell you, if you are a fan of exquisite fragrances, then you’ll really want to sniff this at least once !! Well the very first time i wasn’t able to detect any fragrance, but when i rubbed between my palms, it immediately released the fantastic aroma. The serum makes the hairs very soft and shiny, and yes light too. Following is my experience according to the claims :-
•    As a pre-cleanse product : No doubt, i have used it before washing my hairs, and it works just as fine any hair oil, but the results are bit more good. You’ll experience softer and shiny manageable hairs.
•    As an intensive leave-in conditioner : Mostly i have used it after head wash as a leave in treatment, it works fine, but to be honest i expected it to help me in de-tangling my hairs, and it doesn’t helps with that. Therefore without the “detangling” factor i surely loose a few strands while combing my hairs.
•    As a heat protectant : I don’t blow dry my hairs, but for occasions i have straightened my hairs, and applied the grand crus oil to tame and maintain the transformation. It works nicely with straightened hairs
•    As a finishing product : I have used this a no.of times as a finishing product, and it helps in taming any frizz ( i do have a lot of small hairs in the crown area that keep on showing ), it tames them to an extent.

One thing i’d suggest is not to go overboard with this oil in case your retouching your hair, or using it to tame your hair, as it will tend to get greasy and the hairs will go horribly oily by the end of the day. But it works just fine if you’re using it as a pre-cleanse product or a leave-in treatment. However you use it, the end results are soft, shiny, lightweight and manageable hairs !! I only am disappointed a bit because it doesn’t helps in detangling the hairs.