My favorite cleanser

far east

The cleanser comes packed inside a sturdy see-through plastic bottle, with upside-down flip top cap, and all this is housed inside matte plastic carton. The packaging is sturdy enough, but i doubt that flip top cap isn’t strong enough. That is some revolutinary product from Far East beauty industry that you can get from Aliexpress.

I specifically wanted a face wash for after care, i.e once my acne was clear i wanted to take care of my skin by using something gentle and efficient. Initially i wasn’t having high expectations from this cleanser, and thought maybe its too expensive, but when i received it, the bottle was huge, so if you’re wondering that 360/- for a cleanser is too much (which i know isn’t) then consider it worth cause it will easily last you long. I, on the other hand have used it no.of times as a body wash too. The texture of the cleanser is runny, and a drop or two will lather enough. I have washed off my makeup a lot of times using this cleanser, and it does a decent job, however in case of waterproof makeup such as eyeliner, it doesn’t removes it efficiently. The fragrance of the cleanser is very mild and gentle, and of course very mild that i can’t even recall and compare it with anything else. It didn’t bring any significant change while i was having acne, but was mild enough not to aggravate the situation. As a body wash also it has been very mild and good to use, because it lathers well and washes off easily, leaving the skin squeaky clean.

IMO, its a mild and gentle face cleanser, perfect for oily/dry skin since it leaves skin clean, supple and healthy without stripping off moisture, and it has been good in my aftercare routine.  Not sure if i would repurchase it or not, but its totally worth trying once.