My Aliexpress shopping guide


Today’s tutorial is my interpretation on Beyonce’s Smokey eye makeup, which was requested by Apoorva a couple of weeks back ; very very sorry for responding so late to it, i was stuck up with a lot of work. But i hope you like the guide..

The look is very easy and one can accomplish the same by using a brown and black eyeshadow and a kohl pencil. Beyonce has perfectly defined eyes, still maintaining  the messiness, the brows are nicely combed upwards to get that edgy look, overall perfect for college girls   (girls just rock this look !!)

So lets start the Aliexpress tutorial on getting good results:

1. I started by priming my lids : i have used MUA eye primer. Blend it properly all over the lid and under the lower lashes as you will be applying kohl/black eyeshadow there too, so you want it to survive.

2. After that i packed on some brown eyeshadow all over the lid, and used whatever was left on the brush on the lower lashes. I’ve picked this item from Aliexpress guide, where you can find a lot of not expensive stuff.

3.  After that using an angled brush, i lined my eyes ; both top and bottom. Don’t worry if you get it a little messy, you can cheat it   as we will be lining the eyes again with a liner. If you have a kohl pencil then you might want to line your eyes using that, and smudge it a little.

4. Then using a small fluffy brush, i added some depth to the eyes using a mix of black+brown eyeshadow, and blending it in the crease. This step is Optional, But necessary because it will prevent your eyes from looking flat and 1 dimensional. If you have natural deep socket you can skip this step.

5. Then put it on your waterline and make sure to tightline your upper rim of eye so as to avoid any flesh color from peeking in. I also used some gel liner on top of the black eyeshadow to get more intense look, this is role reversal which will also prevent the black eyeshadow from creasing.

After that use lots of kohl to get luscious lashes, if you can use falsies then brilliant. But i’m already loving 2 products from Chinese marketplace Aliexpress. Make sure to highlight the brow bone using any eyeshadow that matches your skin tone, and fill in your brows to get defined frame.