Marchen Nocturne: Pretty Good game with a twist

Someone who read my previous posts could say that it was obvious – after all, I praised this title when reviewing almost every path, appreciating his climate and slowly discovering in front of a player hidden by a puzzling town of secrets. However, there is no rose without spikes, and only after completing all the threads I am able to write what the creators did sensationally, and with which they could not cope. The answer to the question contained in the title is therefore not, contrary to appearances, as it might seem.

Marchen Nocturne review

Marchen Nocturne’s story is about the the town and a group of young people seeking to discover the secrets they hide. The heroes see themselves in it for the first time – previously they contacted each other only on the online forum of the club lovers of paranormal phenomena. Interestingly, the club’s chairman does not appear at the rally and for the vast majority of the game it is not known who he is. We come with a friend belonging to the club, hoping that we will be able to solve the mystery of our brother’s disappearance in the nearby mountains. Since we do not have the money for too long a stay, we take up work in the hotel where we stayed, thus receiving the opportunity to better know the members of the club and local residents. We even live our first love! But everything, however, we learn that the horror stories are not creepy pasts at all, but the reality we will face. A superzealous gymnast, a wildlife photographer, a nasty boss and an extremely cool yasu cop will help us.

The plot of the game is led by the rivet to the withers and every thread discovers new information before us. We are unable to answer many questions until all paths are completed and true route unlock – a story telling what really happened. It is said that appetite grows as you eat and Marchen Nocturne hentai is a great example of production that very slowly gives tension and leaves the player feeling uncomfortable enough that after the end of one path he wants to reach for the next. However, this has the downside that does not allow us to play at our own pace and imposes the right order of threads. Someone who goes through games in full will probably not have a problem with it, but there are also those who do not like certain types of characters and prefer when each path was a separate whole. Personally, I find that in the case of Marchen Nocturne this type of narrative definitely makes sense, because you can not tell a story with a thrill without constantly inducing in the recipient curiosity associated with feelings of anxiety.

marchen nocturne

Some of the Marchen Nocturne girls – they look cute

War never changes – especially waged on tanks

The climate is, moreover, the main reason why Marchen Nocturne was so much like. There are no gore scenes here and the game is not brutal in itself, but it perfectly shows how an idyllic trip to the village can turn into a nightmare. Very neatly provokes a sense of infatuation in the player, especially when he learns that no one can trust and the walls of the flying hotel resemble a prison rather than a safety of the tank. The stories of the characters have a direct connection with the events and each of them came to the town to get answers to the questions that bothered him.

Tanks in this strategy adult game are the recurring character, so no wonder the developers  finally made a game in a style of Girls on Tanks, a popular threadhead anime. This tanks hentai game is really cool example of how you can make turn based strategy, instert some really interesting hot officers and make it online game. Cute colonels are waiting for you and a whole disposal of war machines will be yours to command in this Nutaku title.

girls tanks

Well, that’s a hit! Girls und panzer anime.

If we add to this the characteristic music born of war movies, the feeling of being observed all the time, the austerity of the hotel interiors and the anxious random encounters (after all, who would expect to see a man disguised as a panda on the streets of a dream-soaked town?), then we will get a very immersive product in which the mood builds every detail. I don’t know how you do, but I love the thought that’s going on in movies and games: “What would I do on her/his place?” and during my Marchen Nocturne adventure I asked them myself exceptionally often. At one point, I reflexively began to suspect everything and everyone, and I very clearly realized that the main character will not even save the departure from this place – only the truth that has it to myself, that it is rarely sweet as honey, more often bitter like wormwood.