Korean Cosmetics Essential Kit – Part 1

So here I am with the review of Koreans Essential, whose teaser i posted a couple of weeks back. There are total 6 products in this kit, out of which i’m going to review 3 products, and didn’t wanted to club everything in 1 single post. If you want to know more about this kit, read on more.

So these are the 3 products that i’m going to review today:

korean cosmetics from Aliexpress

Forest Essentials Aliexpress Delicate Facial Cleanser – Kashmiri Saffron & neem

This face cleanser comes packed inside a 50ml see through bottle, with a stopper that controls any spillage (which can be annoying to remove until you pin it) and a gold cap. The small bottle may look small, but has enough product to get you through 3-4weeks if used once every day. I have carried this face cleanser while i was travelling, and the bottle is sturdy enough, and there was no spilling.

Use within 6months of opening. Expiry :- 12months from manufacturing date. Pretty good and inexpensive natural cleanser from Aliexpress that should work on every type of skin.

korean cosmetics 2

My Experience : The very first use, i must tell you exceeded my expectations, my face was glowing and clean as if i got some facial done. This was quite surprising to me, since i don’t expect instant results from products which are natural, and believe they work and show results over time. But to be honest the cleanser is very very good, and brightens up your face, and your face stays likewise unless you exhaust yourself and start looking dull. The texture of the cleanser is thick gel kind, but comes out easily out of the bottle, 1 dollop is enough to cleanse the face thoroughly, it lathers well, has this amazing rose water + kewada water fragrance which is mild but appealing. Other thing is, it hasn’t dried out my face like the normal face washes would have in this winter season, so i’m definitely putting this in my to-buy list in future. Highly recommend these Korean cosmetics Aliexpress to all.

Forest Essentials Aliexpress Facial Toner – Panchpushp 

Again, this facial toner comes in a 50ml bottle transparent bottle, same packaging, has a stopper lid inside. Use within 6months of opening. Expiry :- 12months from manufacturing date.

korean cosmetic aliexpress

My Experience : Mostly i use all the facial toners in my homemade face packs, simply because i find them too sticky to use it directly on face. But this toner is quite good. Normally when i use other toners, it leaves a sticky feeling, and a thin layer everytime, but this toner does not. It acts like a quick face energizer, leaving a fresh and healthy skin, which isn’t oily or dry. It looks like saffron water, and has a very pleasant fragrance just like the cleanser. As far as open pores are concerned, i don’t have this problem in the winters, so can’t judge it that way. Even in face packs it helps in diluting and making a good mix, and the end results are pretty convincing, which otherwise were not that good. If you are a fan of Korean toners, then you must try this.

3. Forest Essentials Aliexpress Lotion – Aloe Vera & Sandalwood
Same packaging  ; 50ml see through bottle, stopper lid, gold cap.

korean cosmetics from Aliexpress

My Experience : Usually i don’t use sunscreens which don’t mention the SPF factor, and other details. Also this sunscreen lotion has not been given much priority to get thoroughly tested (thanks to the Winters !!), but speaking of texture, its a stable liquid mix, that blends easily without leaving any greasy feeling behind. Also the lotion gives off this cool feeling when applied (not menthol like !! ) which is soothing, and will be of great help especially in summers. It smells of almond and a bit of sandalwood (i’m not a big fan of both , since the presence of almond in it kind of makes it heavy). But yea again in these winters, i haven’t used a separate moisturizer when i used this lotion, it alone is is very moisturizing. All those people who love natural Suncreen lotions must give it a shot

I’m all in all very much impressed by these 3 products; although i give sunscreen lotion a benefit of doubt, but the other 2 products are quite impressive. And its a great way to try and use these products when bought in this ladies essential kit. I personally love the pink box (or dabba as i love to call it) cause its perfect for a gifting option (with products or without )

I will be reviewing the rest 3 products in coming week, let me know if you have tried these products individually or not. What are your favorite Aliexpress Korean cosmetics?