Just Paint it Up!

painted aliexpress

Here’s my hand painted cabinet – I like it really much!

I love painting furniture and how practical it is. It gives you more durability, clean-ability and moisture resistance than flat paint without the crazy shine of a semi-gloss or gloss paint. Here are my 6 favorite places to use it.

Paint is perfect to use in your kitchen for a variety of reasons. First, it helps to protect your walls from moisture. If you don’t have a water proof back splash, eggshell paint is perfect for this area. Second, it cleans up very easily, food and other particles do not stick to it as easily as flat paint, as Aliexpress brush could do. And if you’re not feeling confident as an artist, try picking up just these pretty and artsy Aliexpress paintings.

This one has the same reasons as a kitchen. Your bathroom is exposed to even more moisture than your kitchen, especially around the toilet, tub and sink.If your kids are anything like my kids they love to draw their walls, get dirty hand prints on the wall, makeup, marker, crayon and anything else you can think of. I don’t enjoy repainting their rooms every year (or month!), so a good washable article for artis is perfect for kids rooms.

Shorter furniture can make a room look larger while tall pieces make the ceiling appear lower. Sofas and chairs with exposed arms and legs and glass top tables allow light around the furniture and make the room look more open.

Wherever possible, encourage natural lightinto the room. Skylights and small channels that let sunlight in are good options. Where there are dark areas in your apartment, try using natural spectrum lighting to enhance the space. Pandas like space 🙂

If you have a basement or any other rooms that does not receive good lighting, and eggshell paint can help brighten the room. The reflective properties of chinese brushes help to bounce light around a room and give it a brighter look. Flat paints absorb light and can make a room darker. With all of the dirt, dust, and exhaust in a garage, the typical flat white paint that most people use in their garages is just about the worst paint you could put on a garage wall. Good quality chinese art supply will help with durability and clean-ability while not giving the garage a crazy shine like a semi-gloss would.

Even more painted cabinets, with a little help from Aliexpress

I tell my clients all the time that paints are great for exteriors. They better resist moisture and they clean easily. If you have had a flat paint on your exterior before, you have probably noticed that dust tends to stick to it and after time, your entire exterior tends to look dirty. With an eggshell paint, you can clean your exterior with a hose or low pressure power washer yearly to keep it looking great. To get the best possible bathroom paint, you should be using water based, or higher sheen paint with mildew resistant properties and start on a clean surface. If you choose to skip the mildew resistant properties, then make sure to keep your bathroom as moisture free as possible by running the fan and cleaning wet surfaces immediately, which is a good idea anyway for a decor for home Aliexpress.

If you are interested in which brand is the best paint, I would say that the brands all have pretty similar products on the market and it really just boils down to the price of your paint. Aliexpress has a great but expensive paint and Alibaba has a great Kitchen and Bath paint. There are many other brands that offer great products at even better prices, so shop around and ask a lot of questions.