Everlasting fashion from China

I decided that I would not go easy. I could start a blog in which I photographed in new clothes from shopping malls, for example in this nice Aliexpress prom dress which I bought yesterday, but I will not do so. Instead, I will write here about the fashion that does not change, the one that is always up to date and which is not subject to hipster fashion, that is, the classic blacks and reds, the dresses for the office, the denim pants, the cloth for blouses. Instead of the transient phenomenons, the so-called “fadom “, which no one will already in 3 years remember (like the metrosexual fashion for checked shirts and beards of the woodcutter) Deden this blog to this very elegant clothes, which is somehow little in the public space -As if nobody wanted to dress properly. But at the beginning a few words about me.

Because of the studies of course I am interested in fashion, clothes, but also social implications and the impact of clothing on our customs and culture. That’s why I’m going to take such topics here, want to make this blog not just a review of my closet, and instead to bring something new to the online blogging platform. I also really like my city, which may not be the most beautiful, but from here I come. I run sometimes with the camera to immortalize elevations, signboards and other elements of the landscape that interest me, and which will also be here. So I invite you to read.

My style

Feminine wardrobes can and crack at the seams, but it will not matter, because, as very often joking men, ladies and so they will complain that they do not have to get dressed. Well, perhaps it is not always a hystatic utisking, and… True, fact. How is that possible? Imagine a great pile of clothes that are relatively obliing, in the sense of being able to combine them with others. Each one of you can present itself phenomenal, but when you come together with some others, for example. Combine a shirt with a skirt, a dress with a jacket or pants with a sweater, it turns out that each combination will make an absolute misfire, because a woman in those things dressed would resemble a Christmas tree rather than a model from the spread of the read Fashion and Style magazines.

lingerie Aliexpress

The sought-after pattern and elegance often end in this way – women buy things like bridal lingerie, often extravagant, but they do not have anything simple, with which they could assemble them, or there is an opportunity for them to be assumed. These things often come from seasonal sales, because it is hard for us not to use the 50-percent reduction in the original price of some sort of thing – each of us knows it well. It doesn’t matter if it does not. So what is the key to success on shopping and how to create a truly stylish dressing room? Fill it with classic, as the simplest things in muted colors. But in this way my style will be boring, probably every lady thinks. However, this is an error. The styling should always be added to the additives. Therefore, the perfect solution will be the choice of silk scarves, preferably from the original Chinese silk, matching any elegantki, who wants to get a touch of exquisite style and always look good.

bridal lingerie Aliexpress

So let’s not buy tons of clothes, but hats, hats, gloves, bracelets, shoes, handbags, scarves, shawls, scarves, watches, tights… Instead, pick some selected cute Aliexpress  lingerie and enjoy your style. These in combination with neutral clothes will themselves determine the nature of the styling, and we will always have to get dressed.