Dove shampoo review


I’m back after so many days, finally feeling good and energetic now, so to begin with i’m going to review Dove damage therapy dryness care shampoo. Last couple of months i had very dry and frizzy hairs, so i spotted this shampoo and decided to give it a go.  I have already finished this shampoo, and now is the time to review it..

The bottle is very sturdy and has flip top cap, and is very huge. It has all the necessary details on its front and back. I actually like the packaging of dove products. Leaves hair looking healthy, soft and smooth without weighing it down.

According to the diagram above, i had intense damage (yep, i had minor split ends, some breakage and hairfall that began after i stopped using Loreal Paris hair fall repair anti-hair fall shampoo, because i gave Tresemme anti-hair fall shampoo a chance, which obviously didn’t work for me ). The shampoo is pearly white in color, and if closely observed you can see some shimmer particles in it, though i don’t think they interfere with the working of shampoo, and also they don’t make your hair shiny disco ball types. The shampoo lathers very well, and rinses off pretty well. Sorry i can’t remember the fragrance, as i’ve already finished it months back, but then we all know that dove pretty good fragrance. I was sharing this shampoo with my mom, and while it worked pretty well for her (O yea she has blessed hair, and 1000 times better hair quality than me..) it wasn’t a blessing for me. It used to make my hairs greasy by the 2-3rd day post hair wash. It used to weigh down my hair, used to make them greasy and then i was forced to change my shampoo, cause it wasn’t working the way i expected it to. Whereas, my mum used to love her luscious hairs. It didn’t help in hair fall too, and therefore lets not talk about the breakage.

I don’t have any major dislikes against this shampoo, but it was just a wrong pick for me cause it worked wonderfully for my mother, at the same time it made my hairs a greasy (that too when i skipped using the conditioner). I will suggest this shampoo to those girls who have extreme dry hairs, whereas girls with greasy and oily hairs should stay away from this shampoo. Have you tried Dove damage therapy dryness care shampoo ?