Dark manga about adult vices

The action of this dark manga¬† takes place in a small village, where there was once a wave of possessives. The locals asked for help the priestess, who had wooed one of the appearances and with her help defeated the demons harassing the place. Nevertheless, people, fearing the return of evil spirits, decided to worship them, not suspecting that for centuries this would lead to the enormity of human tragedies. They are cunning demons. They penetrate into the soul and body of the victim, and then devour them from the inside – literally and figuratively. And just as predators hunt the most vulnerable individuals in the herd, they also penetrate those who have committed a shameful act and are a tragedy of remorse. If tsumitsuki awakens, then for his host there is no more rescue: both his body and soul go for eternal loss, and he himself transforms into a blood-hungry monste of lust. However, in order not to allow it to spill, someone equally powerful is needed to devour the demon. This is someone’s mysterious boy named Anna.

Adult Games or visual novels?

Manga is a monotome consisting of several self-reminiscent short stories, in which we meet the victims of tsumitsuki. Interestingly, they seem to lead us through the next story cards, not Kuroe, who rather acts as a silent observer. It is also very easy to see the similarities and differences between the religion and the concept of sin. In both cases and in the other case, the purpose of possessing is to fire the soul possessed, but while it is possible to be rescued by exorcism, the sacrifice of demons in this title is no longer able to help. In this way, a girl who, after an affair with a teacher, is punished in the manga, for example, who, after the end of an affair with a teacher, is allowed to have an abortion on their shared child. Interestingly, the teacher himself is not punished, and she – as a mother and the one who said the final ‘yes’. Will our earthly sins be subjected after death to a similar assessment? Will anyone listen to our attempts to blame the circumstances or influence of other people? I don’t know, but I don’t hide that reading this manga¬† forced me to reflect, and it often happens that the source of my musing spoofed is just an adult games portal.

As for the technical issues of the release, I have no major reservations. Manga has a very convenient format and does not decomach when reading. I also liked the quality of correction and translation – somewhere I had an extremely unfortunate sentence in which it would be good to change the pattern of words, but it’s a minor mistake and blowing it to an unbelievable size would be clinging to strength. But I have to admit that I don’t fall for the manner of writing “haha” as “cha cha”, because I automatically read it as a “cha-cha” and I just don’t see any purpose for that. Fortunately, personal preferences did not prevent me from enjoying reading. I recommend “playing adult games on well known gaming portal Hentai Cool to all eroge lovers with shiver and background message.

adult game visual novel

Adult Visual Novels are so cool – they feature kawaii artwork

And I mention this not only because the above production I really like (because I like and psychedelia), but also because the difference between them immediately comes to mind – in the second case, the creator and publisher themselves come into dialogue with the players, while in the first players are left to themselves. Request? Although most adult game titles are good, some are even better.