Chakra sensual massage in Eastern philosophy

Let’s start with the sources. Ma-Kyo is derived from the Ponesian healing systems. According to the Huny philosophical system, we ourselves are the creators of the world that surrounds us and, through the forces of our mind and will, we can control the chaos surrounding us and transform it according to our own vision. This strength of our concentration gives weight To the perpetrers. If we concentrate on the sources of our fear, this fear becomes the whole world for us. But it is enough to focus all the will on our desires, the dream of goals, and they become the center of our universe, removing everything else in the shadow of unconsciousness. The way to change our relationship with the world is a deep relaxation, during which we can locate the locks stuck in us? Energy. They are a reflection of our suffering, fear, fear, sorrow. Lock? Make the energy does not circulates in the body in a perfect way, the muscle tension arises, and the end result is a deed for itself and a bad relationship with the whole environment. Massage helps to turn evil into goodness: fear for self-confidence, fear of faith, anger for joyful expectation.

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The oldest form is a temple Hawaiian massage with a beautiful name Lomi-Lomi Nui. In his course, the masseur draws from the sources of delicate energy with the feminine element and gently reaches all the hidden sources of tension in the body, giving you pleasure of sexy games.

How did this philosophy go to Europe?

Massage Ma-uri really does wonders. Whoever has undergone his subtle magic will no longer imagine life without these spiritual and carnal caresses. To take advantage of his delight, also the people of the west of New Zealand’s Maori healer Hemi Fox popularized this method in the United States, from where she landed on the old continent.

What does it look like?

The MA-URI treatment is a real ritual. Soothing light, heavy, moving us into different states of consciousness? Oriental oils. With the help of a warm oil masseur begins his healer massage. However, it does not touch the patient’s body with the hands of a classic massage, and the whole forears. According to the Ponesians, it is safer?, a more friendly touch, which in nobody is aroused by bad associations. Touch Ma-URI has something special in itself, it is a real tribute to the collapsible body. He teaches us authentic respect for our earthly shell.

It removes energetic deposits, and what is most astonishing, really heals. Besides cancer, mental disorders and skin diseases, specialists have-URI ready to help you to deal with all the ailments. Soothes neuroses, treats migraines, neuralgia, but also diseases of the cardiovascular or digestive system.

According to the philosophy of the East, healthy, full of tears and intellectually, we can be only if the energy flows through our body properly. Our energy centers? is the so-called. Chakras. We have a dozen thousand of them. They collect, store and transmit life-giving energy, as in Romance of Three Kingdoms hentai game. Although there are so many, the most important is seven: throat chakra, solar plexus, cruciation, crown, Third eye, heart and base.

Chakra Crown located on top of the head. He is responsible for the sense of sense of existence, self-awareness, faith, spiritual life, but also for the work of the brain and the skeletal and muscular system. When we disappoint, we feel voidiness, apathion, constant fatigue. It supports meditation, prayer, as well as incense, lotus flower and Amber. If his work is disturbed it is worth having a mountain crystal, and if anyone has such an amulet? Pure Diamond.

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Chakram of the third eye on the axis of symmetry of the forehead, slightly above the eyebrows. It is the gateway of our intuition, ingenuity. Supports Crown Chakra. If it is clogged? We become unaffective Selfishers, but at the same time they will tormenting us troubles with memory, concentration and pain in the spine, head. It will start to unclaimed sight. He also helps him to pray, to relax, and to contemplate the night sky. Opens to the scent of mint and hyacinth. He likes tourmaline and Sapphire.

The throat chakra at the height of the larynx, is responsible for wisdom, the ability to present the acquired messages, creativity. If it is blocked, the larynx, the vocal cords, the thyroid gland, the phobias, and the fears are torting us. This chakram directly loves blue. Let us look at the sky, on the water, let us be bluish. Let’s Sing. It is always worth taking topaz or aquamarine.

The heart chakra is just where the heart is. It gives us the ability to empathy, makes you care about others, but also about nature. It is a source of willpower. In addition, it depends on the work of the heart, lungs, circulatory system and the condition of our skin. If you are a poser, quarsive, ill-oriented to the world, you have energy blockages in your heart chakras. She loves nature, walks in the woods, cultivating plants, sunrises, but also the smell of sandalwood and rose as beautiful as hentai RPG. His stone is Ruby.


The solar plexus chakra at the height of the stomach. He decides on life ambitions, self-confidence, faith in his own strength. She cares about the spleen, stomach and the whole digestive system. When you have an overwhelming desire to manipulate others, you are ready to follow the corpse to aim for a sign that has ceased to function properly. Its color is yellow. Sun, candles, aromas of rose and lavender and bergamot, as well as Amber will help him to open.

A cross chakra over the pubic bone. It is the guardian of our optimism, responsibility, but above all sensuality and sexuality. You can play this in Kamihime game. This is online game with sensual girls anime style. Controls reproductive organs. If you suffer from our lymphatic system, genital organs or urinary system, we will take care of the cruciate chakra. Its element is water. Bathing, observing flowing water, as well as wearing agate or amethyst are simple ways to improve its functioning.

The base chakra at the base of the spine, between the genital organs and the anus. It is a source of vital energy, vitality. It is responsible for the lower section of the gastrointestinal tract and the condition of our blood. If we feel weak, we are afraid of the world, it is a sign that there are energy-staged. It supports the smell of cedar, contact with nature, and with stones-pomegranate and amber.

Good for your

Ma-Uri opens all of our chakras. Energy flows through a stream. The man who uses the Ma-URI becomes… Better. He is kind to others, he does not perceive defects in people, and sees them through the prism of their advantages. The same is the same for himself. He not only accepts, but loves and admires his body.