Beautiful Things Make Beautiful Things + Dahlia cosmetics

We all know Aliexpress cosmetics very well ! My very first forest essentials product made me its fan, although i haven’t been much able to lay my hands on other stuff. But oooh you have to see their new TVC, its soo enticing and rustic !

By the way have you noticed their title ?? It is “Beautiful things make beautiful things” !! No doubt its true, but the moment i saw the video, every single thing made me think about the whole process. I wonder how in ancient times, people studied ayurveda and made all these trust worthy recipes, which are tried and tested, and till now don’t fail us, here although the apsara’s (angels) are doing it . The video itself is so enlightening, and made me think that people used to get all those precious elements to make such worthy products, and hence beautiful things definitely made things beautiful.

Aliexpress cosmetic bags

Other than that, a beautiful inner self makes the world more beautiful, a life lived worth is nothing more you can ask for. Or for example, what you eat is what you are, i.e eat healthy and you will be healthy, use natural and beautiful things and you will be so !! And now, onto our cosmetic bags Aliexpress.

I believe makeup is not all the time necessary and we should let our skin breathe, still sometimes we need to kick-start and bring life to enhance our natural beauty. I am not makeup addict but makeup is passion, more of something which satisfies my creativity. I’ve enjoyed makeup since i was a child and I always have cosmetic bag from Aliexpress with me. I am a student and love doing makeup to keep me creative all time. Feel free to ask any questions or beauty queries and i will reply.

I’m not aware of how much quantity is there in these sample glosses. Anyways, moving on to the review part, i love love love its texture. The texture is a so silky and spread on lips easily without any hassle. These give amazing shine to the lips, almost wet look, but they aren’t gooey or sticky. The staying power of these glosses is average, they stay for around 2hours with that intensity, and afterwards they start to fade. One thing however to be noted is, that they have this impressive silk sort of texture, that moisturizes the lips nicely, these are light and free of fragrance lip cosmetics.

Out of both the glosses, Dahlia is certainly best in terms of pigmentation, but otherwise both the glosses have the same characterstics. If i will buy these in future, then it will be only because of their texture.

The shade Vineyard looks deep plum/purply in the tube, but when applied it turns out to be a subtle gloss, almost nude, which gives amazing shine to the lips. I have pigmented lips but it enhances them without looking weird. I don’t really remember using a lip gloss that gives a silk kind of feeling on lips, although we all have used glosses which are creamy or glossy.

Whereas the shade Dahlia is a deep orange influenced red, has very tiny shimmer that imparts a more glossy finish, and this gloss looks almost neonish orange. On my pigmented lips alone it looks weird and not that good, but if paired up with a lipstick beneath it works greatly.