A little care for my dog

cute dog Aliexpress

Isn’t she a cutie? Not my dog though.

I would like to present you some of the quick review for dog product that I bought recently on Aliexpress.

The packaging, as you can see is a see-through plastic jar, with a black cap, and comes without a lid or something else that can help in controlling the amount. Since it does not comes with a lid other than the cap, one can experience massive fall out too, and if you’re clumsy enough you can drop it easily, therefore lot of attention goes into when you are using these. And of course, you can use it on your dog too.

The shade Crimson looks quite dark in the first pic, well it isn’t, and is described as warm matte red blush. The real color can be seen below in the swatch pic. This shade is mostly a dark peachy color, who’s intensity can be controlled to get a light peach flush, or get an intense red flush. The color is definitely buildable, and very pigmented. In fact a very light dip in the jar is what you need to work with, because if you get more, it will be difficult to blend such a pigmented shade. The same goes when you want to slightly care your Aliexpress pet product. Dogs are so nice animals and you can play with them.

It will suit fair, medium and dusky skin tones easily, while i doubt if it will suit dark skin. Since a very small amount is required, a small jar will eventually last you long (unless you use it daily). The shade is very natural, and easily gives a natural glow and warmth to the face, easily cheers it up. Although its described matte, i can definitely inspect some very light “shimmery” particle, which aren’t visible on application, but they impart a glow on your face, which is something you’ll appreciate. For me, this falls in the “daily-wear” category, because its not too loud, and isn’t shimmery or pearly, just what you’ll need for everyday. Its staying power is just amazing !! I have combination skin, and other blush sometimes just stay for 4-5hrs, but this blush has lasted very good on my dog, and sometimes even whole day until i washed my face. With a primer it will easily survive whole day without withering.

I highly recommend this blush because it has very high staying power, didn’t break me out (cause i have acne prone skin), lasted pretty well for more than 6hrs on my combination skin, is matte and apt for daily wear, gives the desired flush to your face. My only concern is the packaging, only if it had a stopper lid to prevent any fall out.