5 Rules for Writing Online Content in Polish

Every online marketing apprentice can tell you that in online marketing, the content is king. This principle is even more relevant today than it used to be a few years ago, in a time before social media ascent. In an era of undersized Twitter messages, Instagram photos or casual Facebook posts, a solid article is really worth a lot. In the age of social media, the art of writing good content seems almost forgotten, but that’s the good news for those who can write. Below are the five rules that will allow you to create the perfect copy for your website.

Polish Copywriting Rules

Get inspired by awesome sources. You can get great writing ideas following your favorite websites. When you run out of concepts for an article, just scour the web. Use the sources you find to create your own version of the article. Of course, nothing should be copied, and if you do need to translate some parts, please link to the original article. Such articles are a good source of information because they often have extensive sources that you can use when writing your own copy. If you create a specialized blog and frequently write on a specific topic, it’s a good idea to make a source list and subscribe to newsletters, or use RSS feeds to stay informed. On the other hand, people who spend a lot of time on social media can subscribe to a specialized group on Facebook or Linkedin. Thanks to this, you will never run out of ideas for new articles and will not be limited by the so-called writer’s block.

Use the services of external companies. If you do not want to write, because you prefer to focus on running your business or other marketing activities, it is worth leaving it out to experts. There are not many copywriting companies in Poland and the one we can recommend is Polandcontent.com. This is a company that specializes in creating articles, social media posts, ads, blog posts, reviews and many other content marketing pieces. Poland Content writers can provide you with top-notch articles for industries such as finance, banking, investment, as well as online stores and e-commerce. Besides, they offer specialized services for creating content for IT, cybersecurity, web design and more.

Check the spelling and grammar carefully. This is an absolute must, but many people forget about it in the age of autocorrect. Sloppy paragraphs will not only scare the customers out of your business and they’re bad for the brand. It doesn’t take long to verify the facts and proofread the style. It only takes a few minutes, so now that you’ve spent hours writing & research engaging text, refine it to make it perfect syntax and grammar too. If you write in English, you also have a selection of software that improves grammar and even suggests style changes.

Do a good research. This is especially important for industries such as Polish financial copywriting, where accuracy is important not only from a linguistic but also from a legal point of view. When creating IPO analysis, recommendations, or descriptions of securities for brokerage services, you need to include only proven info. For this purpose, use only reliable financial sources. For the US market, it will be Yahoo Finance or Bloomberg. It is not worth using sketchy websites, like the infamous Zero Hedge. Also, pay attention if the source you’re using is up to date, and confirm every conveyed fact preferably with two or three sources. This will ensure the highest reliability, especially important for marketing and economic journalism.

Take care of a good design. The article should have at least one featured image that should catch the reader’s attention. This will make it look better on the website. This image may be a stock photo, and if you are using a different photo please note that you can only use it if you have the rights to do so. It is not necessary to sign a stock photo with a source, for example, unless required by the terms of use. However, in the case of standard photos from such free or commercial websites, there are usually no such restrictions. Besides, most content editors allow you to enrich with formatting and various graphic elements. So separate the text with headings, add numbered lists if justified. More advanced elements that can be found in the article also include interactive charts, infographics and galleries. Of course, all of this shouldn’t overwhelm the text itself.

All in all, it’s not at all difficult to write a good article on the web if you put your effort into it. A good writer is worth a lot today, and the art of writing texts for websites is a powerful marketing tool, useful for corporate websites, online stores and portals. Create content that will inspire everyone. It’s worth adhering to these few rules. We wish you many readers and a great CTR!