Himalyan Scrub Review

Hi all !! Sorry for being MIA, but its not easy to deal with the stubborn winters and wisdom tooth pain (not 1 but 2) at same time. Today i am going to review Himalaya’s Purifying Neem scrub, this is a pending post, since i bought it back in august. I’m not aware if this can be bought separately or not, reason being, this was a part of Himalaya’s combo pack

Exfoliates & purifies for clear problem-free skin.

himalayan scrub peeling

Key ingredients :- Neem & Apricot.

The packaging is typical Himalaya’s, i.e a tube with green flip-top cap. I don’t have any complaints with the packaging.

What i love most about this face scrub is, that its perfect for my skin. The formula is neither too creamy nor runny, the scrubbing agents are not abrasive but melt down to some extent, while they still provide an efficient scrubbing action. The scrub is cream based, but it doesn’t makes my skin oily (i have combination acne prone skin, and don’t opt for cream based scrub). The fragrance is very subtle and gentle, won’t bother your nose. It scrubs the skin really well, and i usually use it after a hot shower, cause the skin pores open up and its more sensible to work with a scrub then.

I’m not disappointed with this neem scrub, since it works well for my skin type, and will recommend it to normal-oily skin girls. Oh yes and you are planning to buy it, better check out Big bazaar, as you might spot the combo that i got, it makes sense to buy the 3 at a slashed price. Following is the swatch of scrub, i  love the green and orange granules

Have you tried Himalaya’s purifying neem scrub ?

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By the way, i absolutely love the quotes they have in each lipstick !! Packaging is sturdy and classy, even though its black, it has asymmetrical design on the bottom of the lipstick. I have no complaints with the packaging, since i have carried it in my purse a lot of times.

The shade La La land is described as “nude rose” ; the swatch in their official website is a bit too dark, but the actual shade is a perfect nude rose. While purchasing this shade, i was skeptical, cause i haven’t tried much nude shades as they tend to wash me out completely. But this is an exceptional shade, its a perfect combination of brown+pink, and toned down to a level where you can get a ‘nude’ lip look. As far as texture and staying power is concerned, I already love these lipsticks since they are opaque, give full coverage, are moisturizing, and stays for good 3hrs.